Enhancing the Science-Policy Interface: SHARED Inclusive Evidence Based Policies


14 - 18 July 2020


Virtual Training


SHARED Decision Hub

To assist Resilient Food Systems country projects, the FAO and the SHARED Decision Hub have organized a structured virtual training to build the skills of country teams to enhance policy and institutional engagement - using the Stakeholder Approach to Risk Informed and Evidence Based Decision Making (SHARED) framework and associated tools and methods.

This virtual training is an adaptation of the training that would have been held during the RFS Annual Knowledge and Learning Workshop that was to be hosted in Senegal in February 2020.

While the Resilient Food Systems country projects work in different contexts related to resilience of sustainable agriculture development and natural resource management, all country projects include a fundamental focus on influencing institutional and policy dialogue processes and on enhancing multi-stakeholder frameworks to link state and non-state actors. If done well, these processes can support long term and successful scaling up of innovations and securing strategic investments.

The processes, methods and tools to underpin these activities and achieve successful outcomes are not straightforward. They require country project teams to implement tailored approaches. The good news is – specific tools and best practices exist to support institutional and policy dialogues and multi-stakeholder processes for sustainable agriculture and natural resources management. This training aims to equip the RFS country projects with these to apply in their work.

Who should join?

  • The RFS Country project team leaders and focal points for policy and Institutional and multi-stakeholder work areas; 
  • Relevant project focal points within partner government departments; and 
  • Project M&E specialists and other relevant partners as appropriate to the topic. 
  • It is envisaged 2-5 representatives per country project to be nominated for the training.  

To tailor the virtual training, RFS country-level consultations will be carried out to establish priorities, trends, and existing tools and processes being used to influence policy and decision making. 

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