Regional Hub

The Regional Hub is a cross-cutting project that provides technical support to the 12 country projects.

What is the Regional Hub?

All 12 country projects are connected by the Regional Hub project. The Regional Hub is a cross-cutting unit whose core focus is to coordinate efforts across country projects, ensure cross-project learning and collaboration, and monitor and assess programmatic progress.

In collaboration with a range of partners and via existing platforms in sub-Saharan Africa, the Regional Hub helps address institutional and policy barriers for the inclusion of ecosystem services approaches into policies and investments for improved and sustainable smallholder agriculture and food value chains.

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How does the Regional Hub operate?

The functions of the Regional Hub are implemented by a coalition of GEF Implementing Agencies and Executing Partners who work with key stakeholders within each country project to build programmatic coherence and establish beneficial linkages.

The focus is on facilitation of dialogue, models, metrics, and practices which bridge the agricultural and environmental agendas at various scales. This involves, where possible, strengthening of existing partnerships and institutional frameworks, and facilitating the creation and strengthening of multi-stakeholder science and policy platforms in sub-Saharan Africa.

What are the objectives of the Regional Hub?

The Regional Hub relies on the efforts of a range of GEF Implementing Agencies and Executing Partners, each responsible for contributing towards one of the Hub’s four core objectives.

Objective 1

Institutional Frameworks

Create and strengthen integrated institutional frameworks and mechanisms for scaling up proven approaches

Objective 2

Upscaling of Integrated Approaches

Identify and scale up successful integrated approaches and practices.

Objective 3

Monitoring & Assessment

Monitor and assess global environmental benefits and agro-ecosystem resilience.

Objective 4

Programmatic Impact, Visibility and Coherence

Coordinate, report and perform general management functions across RFS projects to enhance programmatic impact, visibility and coherence.

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